Meet Dr. Murphy

Dr. Kevin Murphy is a Plastic & Reconstructive surgeon with additional training in Hand Surgery at the Baylor College of Medicine combined orthopedic and plastic surgery hand fellowship program in Houston, TX. He spent an additional year receiving specializing training in Pediatric Plastic Surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and a year at the University of Alabama at Birmingham as a Microsurgery Fellow. He has been an Assistant Professor in Plastic, Hand Reconstructive Breast and Microsurgery at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, TX and League City, Texas for the last five years.

Areas of Expertise

Breast reconstruction, Breast augmentation, Breast lift, Hand joint replacement, Hand sprains, infections & deformities, Hand stiffness & arthritis, Hand, Finger & Wrist fractures, Hand disorders in the child, Skin infections & cancer, Skin grafts and flaps, Skin resurfacing, Benign skin tumors, Basal cell & squamous cell carcinomas of the ear, nose, lip, hand, wrist & skin, Upper & Lower eyelid surgery, Facelift & Neck Lift, Liposuction, Lipofilling, Lip & Ear reconstruction, Keloid scars, Pediatric ear reconstruction, External ear laceration, Eyelid surgery & reconstruction, Eyelid trauma & laceration, Cosmetic & Therapeutic Botox treatment, Hyaluronic acid fillers, Inverted T, Periareolar & Vertical incision breast lift and reduction, Tummy tuck, Vaginoplasty, Buttock lift & Augmentation, Cubital tunnel minimally invasive release, Ulnar neuritis, Open & endoscopic treatment of Carpal tunnel syndrome & Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, Endoscopic carpal tunnel release, hand and wrist arthritis, Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow, Radial tunnel syndrome, Nerve repair, Nerve Tumor removal & reconstruction, Laceration repair, Nerve transfer, Tendon repair & tendon transfer, Tendon injuries, Hand and wrist tendinitis


Mayoral Distinguished Visitor Commemoration

The Honourable 2005-2007 Mayoral Municipality of Boca Del Rio, Veracruz, Mexico
Por Generosidad y Labor Altruista en favor de niños y adolescentes en la
3ra. Journada Quirúrgica de Malformaciones Congénitas, El día 10 de Junio del 2005

2004 James Laing Memorial Prize Essay

Discretional Gold Medal Awarded by British Burn Association
Pereira CT, Murphy KD, Herndon DN:
Outcome Measures in Burn Care: Is mortality dead?

2004 Educational Scholarship Award

Society of Critical Care Medicine in association with the 33rd Critical Care Congress, Orlando, FL, USA, Feb. 2004
Murphy KD, Wu X, Thomas S, Sanford AP, Wolf SE, Herndon DN
Long-term Growth Hormone Treatment Improves Metabolic Variables and Incrementally Improves Hormone Levels in Severely Burned Children.

Plenary Session Podium Presentation

Society of University Surgeons
65th Annual Meeting, St. Louis, MO, USA, Feb. 2004
Murphy, KD, Thomas S, Mlcak R, Chinkes DL, Klein GL and Herndon DN: Effects of Long Term Oxandrolone on Metabolic Variables in Severely Burned Children

2003 Cronin Award

Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons
50th Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX, USA, Sept. 2003
Murphy KD, Mushkudiani IM, Kao D, Levesque AY, Zacharek AM, Hawkins HK, Gould LJ: Evaluation of a Tissue Engineered Porcine Small Intestinal Mucosa as Substitute Flexor Tendon Graft in a Rabbit Model.

Best Basic Science Presentation

Singleton Surgical Society, Residents Competition 2003 (2nd Place)
50th Annual Meeting, Galveston, TX, USA, June 2003
Murphy KD, Mushkudiani IM, Zacharek AM, Kao D, Hawkins HK, Gould LJ: Preliminary Analysis of a Tissue Engineered Material for Flexor Tendon Grafting in a Rabbit Model.

American College of Surgeons

Winner Residents Competition 2003 (South Texas Chapter)
S Thomas MD, SE Wolf MD, KD Murphy MD, DL Chinkes PhD, DN Herndon MD: The Long-term Effect of Oxandrolone on Hepatic Acute Phase Proteins in Severely Burned Children.