Chemical Peels

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Tired of fine lines, scars, redness, and acne? Say goodbye to aged, damaged skin and hello to glowing, radiant skin with a chemical peel at Pearwood Plastic Surgery.

What is a Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a cosmetic treatment used to correct fine lines, scars, discoloration, the appearance of pores, and to treat breakouts. A chemical peel is the chemical form of exfoliation using glycolic acid, salicylic acid or trichloracetic acid . A chemical peel is a controlled injury used to promote cell turnover and speed up the natural exfoliation process. A chemical peel should never be done at home and should always be performed by a licensed esthetician.

How Does it Work?

The chemical peel is applied to the outer layer of skin called the epidermis. The acids in the chemical peel interact with the proteins found in your skin. This process causes your skin to rapidly shed off all of its dead layers. This will expose a fresh layer of skin hidden beneath the old damaged cells and blemishes. A chemical peel can be applied in 1-2 layers in a single session depending on how aggressive you want to be.

Does It Hurt?

Most chemical peels are completely painless and do not require any type of recovery or downtime.

There are many strengths of chemical peels available in the esthetic industry today. Depending on how aggressive you desire your chemical peel to be will determine any amount of discomfort you might feel during this treatment. Most patients describe the chemical peel as a light tingling sensation. However, after a chemical peel you might feel like you have a light sunburn. So it is always best not to apply make-up right away, itch your face or go out into direct sunlight 24 hours after you have received your treatment. You will have post-procedure skin after receiving your chemical peel so it is important to follow the rules.

Does Your Skin Peel Afterwards?

Yes and No. It depends on how many layers of dead skin you had built up prior to the peel. Some patients report a small amount of shedding, flaking and peeling. Others who report no peeling tend to have pre-exfoliated skin prior to their session.